A Great Job

So I started a new job today at an escort company and I am liking it so far. I would like to say I just help people find a date for themselves, but in all reality I am just getting them hooked up with sex in London. My family thinks it is an awful job, but it is actually fun and I work with some great people. Actually this Friday my work is taking all the employees out for dinner and drinks! My boss is always trying to do things for us so we know how much he appreciates all of our effort and hard work. In today’s world it is hard to find a boss like that so I am trying very hard to hold on to this job for as long as possible. I need all the support and appreciation I can get in life considering I do not get it at home.

A Rather Large Mistake

I know things get rough when you have a family to support, but a man should never resort to cheating to make himself feel better. It never ends well and always leaves a trail of guilt. My brother in law went on a date with a girl from Sheffield escort agency last month and ended up cheating on my sister, leaving me in a tough position of whether to tell her or not. I am going out for drinks with him tonight to discuss what he had done and come to a mutual agreement on how we are going to handle it all. He is a very mellow, trustful man so I am very interested in hearing what had happened that night. I never would have thought him to be this type, but I guess I have been completely blinded all these years. But than again, maybe he just got to intoxicated and made a very big mistake. That happens to a lot of people, even though it is not marked as an excuse.

Feeling Like A Loser

Since I became single my life has changed dramatically, sometimes for the good and sometimes for the worst! I usually never drank and just about every day I find myself running to the bar to meet my new fuck buddies. It seems like I feel like crap half of the day at work until I get some food in me and then I feel better. I keep telling myself to wait for the weekend to party and it just never seems to happen. My phone will ring and then off I go to see what I can get myself into for the evening. I always tell myself to be home at ten but when they are calling “last call” at the bar, I feel like a huge loser! By the time I get home and get in bed, my alarm clock seems like it is going off as soon as I fall into a deep sleep.

The Lock Down

After three long hours of watching my boyfriend struggle with his sons tablet to unlock it I finally took it from him to try myself. A friend of mine at Leicester escorts gave him simple steps to follow to reset the tablet and apparently he does not know how to follow directions. On my first try of going through every step I got the tablet to the factory reset page right away. Apparently whenever you lose your password there is no other way to recover it than to delete everything on your tablet while reseting it. Even though is son was super bummed about losing all of his games and pictures he was happy he could finally use it again. He usually has his face glued right to the screen after school so he had been missing it quite a bit. Maybe this time he won’t lock the screen to try and hide certain things from us.

Back Pain?

My father is a great man. He just doesn’t always know what he or my mother need, though he thinks he does. For two weeks they fought non stop like cats and dogs. I kept asking what was going on with them, but their answers were always the same: nothing, we’re fine. Well, I did not believe that. Finally, one day, my mother and I were talking in their bedroom when I sat down on the bed. I jumped up and said, “Mom! How do you sleep on that?” She confessed her back has been sore and the mattress has gone downhill quite a bit. That solved it for me, anyway. I went out right away and hired some Nottingham escorts. Shortly after that, they went and came back relaxed, happy and not fighting. They also replaced their old mattress a few days after the massage.

Let’s Celebrate Hindu Style

We all like to celebrate at festivals, but the Hindus especially like to celebrate everything. They celebrate the births and victory of the gods, marriages of the gods, deaths, anniversaries, new year and new moons, just name an occasion and they are ready to celebrate with music, dance, or whatever they like. All their events take on a religious tone. They have their festivals in a particular area that a god enjoys. You will hear all kinds of legends about the different gods that they celebrate at the festivals. They even have the same festival just change the name for a different region and start celebrating. The reason for so many Hindu festivals is because they believe animate and inanimate objects are sacred giving them more reasons to celebrate with having hindi phone sex. So, whether they are celebrating an event, gods, or a festival for the season, there is always a lot to celebrate.

MGM Grand

When I took my fuck buddy to Las Vegas, we had the time of our lives! I booked a reservation over the phone to stay at the MGM Grand and was given a huge discount on the tower spa suite. When we walked into the room we were amazed how open it was, it was like being in an apartment. The room had a 40 inch HD television, a fully stocked mini bar, a safe and a king sized bed.

We didn’t spend much time in the room because we were either walking out on the strip, watching the free shows and doing some serious gambling at the casino. We stopped in at the Taps sports bar for some casual dining and had a wonderful time. The bar was very comfortable to be at and offered a high energetic atmosphere to its customers. I plan on going back soon because I didn’t have enough time to visit all of the places that I wanted to see.


My boyfriend of seven years had been acting really silent and cold towards me, I was going to get to the bottom of it. I started figuring it out when he was not coming home right after work, excuse after excuse blabbered out of his mouth. It was either I had to work late, errands to run or was just hanging out with his friends.

I really was steaming when I kept calling his phone on a Friday night and he kept clicking me on his cell. It was right to voicemail ever single time! I drove up to the club that he hangs out with and there he was with another female. He was all over her, I ran up to her and said “If you wanna fuck him, you can have him”.

As soon as I made it home, I realized that I did not need him any more. I packed up all of his belonging and left them in the driveway in the rain for him to pick up.